Parul Kuki Seth is an award-winning designer. She has a wealth of design experience in textiles and jewelry, and is a gemologist and expert appraiser of gems.


Kuki has a love and passion for design and gems, creating unique jewelry designs that have always made her customers, as well as the industry sit up and take notice. Her other passions include her family and her commitment to the environment.


She is driven by a desire to be a role model to her daughter, both with her responsibility to look after the earth and as an empowered individual who can lead in her field, shake things up, but always remain fair and honest to people, animals and the environment.


Kuki has an incredible eye for detail with all her work and chooses to work closely with each piece until it reaches perfection, something she has learned from the best designers in their field.


34 East Putnam Ave Suite 124, Greenwich, CT 06830
Office: 917-438-7061 // Fax : 917-591-4599 // Policy

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